They will update you:

As your Conveyancer talks directly with the Conveyancer on the other side of the transaction, you need them to tell you everything that is going on!

This is very stressful and can be a frustrating experience (an experience we don’t want you to go through!). Most of the time you will not be able to contact your Conveyancer directly, and will need to have their legal secretary take a message and get back to you, this is only due to the fact that they may be busy with other matters.

Allow you to track:

You shouldn’t need to wait for business hours to be able to see exactly where your property transaction is up to. You should be able to track every step of the process straight on your phone with one click. With Transactor - you can!

Provide the best tools to feel safe:

Just over a year ago in Queensland, Q.L.D Law firm lost millions to hackers in highly sophisticated email scam Everyone’s information on Transactor is safe because no important data is kept on the system. No money, no bank account details and no ability to transact monies. The website and app was designed to provide all parties involved the ability to track, manage and collaborate without the risk of holding sensitive data. Transactor provides tracking of the milestones and critical dates so everybody knows what is going on and when.

Provide you with a fixed price:

It is well within your right to know exactly what you are paying for. There is often a confusion between the price shown and the price that you end up paying for. The confusion is the Professional fee and search fee. When you combine both fees this is what you should be prepared to pay.

Here is the difference broken down

Professional Fee: Conveyancers charge a fee for their time and expertise for providing conveyancing services. Generally there is a different fee for when you are buying and when you are selling.

Search Fee: searches are made by conveyancers on behalf of their buyers or sellers by using a search portal which costs money depending on the search type and council the search is in. Knowing what to search for and what could have an impact on your purchase or sale is vital to ensure the buyer or seller is not at risk of any future issues that may arise. So to be clear there are two prices however some conveyancers may combine both fees into one price. At least now you know and to make it easy for you please see the break down below.

Here is an example of how a cost break down should look with full transparency:

Conveyancing professional fee: $880 Search fees: $750

TOTAL: $800 (Conveyancing professional fee + $500 (Search fees) = $1300

Please note:

  • searches vary depending on address location and council.
  • There may be multiple searches required for your particular property.