Core Values

Care, Trust and Innovation

Our core values define who we are and who we surround ourselves with.

We believe that these values are seeded from birth and come from how we were raised.

Our philosophy is quite simple - we grow with like-minded people who share the same passion, determination, energy and integrity as us.

We build open and honest relationships with communication. We value integrity, accountability, respect and teamwork and practise these ideals in all aspects of our business.

Words from our Founder & Visionary (Shaneal Sharma)

"I was raised to always help people that needed it, which is a trait that comes directly from my parents.

As a child growing up I can remember my parents always opening their home to our friends. My parents were always so warm and caring towards everybody. They would make sure we were always fed and loved.

This fair and kind-hearted environment is the reason why I am so positive today and those same values drive my approach to the Transactor culture".