What is it?

Transactor simplifies the entire property buying and selling journey by connecting all key stakeholders involved in a property transaction.

All collaborators are able to visually track and manage the property transaction process in real time.

Transactor connects you to everything you need when going through the crucial steps of conveyancing, finance, insurance, building and pest and all relevant milestones in a transaction.

Home buyers and sellers can choose all the key products and services that are needed from end to end to settle the property from a trusted marketplace.

Affordable service providers who provide quality work can list their services to be included into the marketplace.

Transactor holds your hand throughout the entire process and updates you, every part of the way.

Transactor logs all data and securely stores it all in the one location for easy access.

With so much to organise you can now bring it all together in one place - TRANSACTOR.