Imagine having the powers to see exactly what is happening with the biggest investment of your life every step of the way! In a few clicks it literally brings everyone involved in a property transaction together seamlessly!

The problem with property transactions has always been the same… People always complain about not being updated properly or passing the blame to other parties involved.

Now you can use Transactor (for Free), and everyone can be kept accountable for their part of the property transaction.

How do we do this?

You simply enter your property address and it instantly pulls everyone you need to successfully settle your property in seconds.

You now have the power to collaborate with your Conveyancer, Agent, Mortgage Broker, Inspector and insurance company with ease.

From signing a contract all the way to settlement, you can track the progress of every stage of your purchase or sale.


  • Visual timeline & dashboard to track progress
  • Send and sign documents online
  • Invite service providers for your property
  • Track and manage your finance application
  • Track and manage progress of your conveyancing
  • Hot button to call issues on the spot (no digging through emails)
  • Connects buyers and sellers with service providers for their purchase or sale

Transactor gives you all the tools to successfully buy and settle your property at your fingertips. Simply sign up and try it now!

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