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Sydney conveyancing - who should you choose?

Looking to buy or sell a property in Sydney, but are overwhelmed by the number of Sydney conveyancers you find on your internet search? Which conveyancer should you choose, and who can offer the best quote?

You’re in luck. Transactor is a dedicated marketplace that vets Sydney’s conveyancers and lets you choose from a shortlist of Sydney’s best and brightest based on experience, reputation, location and price.

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What is a conveyancer?

Although not a legal requirement, hiring a conveyancer is one of the most important pieces of the entire property buying process. Essentially, a Sydney conveyancer’s job is to help make your property transaction a reality.

Conveyancers lodge the required legal documentation, perform necessary searches, negotiate on your behalf and can even draw up contracts of sale (if you are selling). A conveyancer will help oversee many complicated parts of your property transaction and prevent unnecessary risks, including major legal and financial risks, such as the potential to lose your 10 percent deposit.

In summary, a conveyancer works to make sure there are no legal issues that could negatively impact the ownership, sale, purchase or use of your property.

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The Sydney property market

Sydney is the most populous city of Australia. Famous for its iconic Sydney Opera House, Harbour, Harbour Bridge, world-renowned galleries, Botanic Gardens, festivals and more, Sydney continues to be a hotspot for local, national and international property buyers and sellers alike.

Every state in Australia has a unique set of legislation. If you were to buy or sell property in Sydney, which is based in New South Wales, you would expect legal differences in the way you would buy or sell property in Brisbane, Queensland. To add to that, the nature of your transaction will come with its unique set of laws.

As such, when looking for a conveyancer, it is imperative that you find one who is not only familiar with the Sydney market, but also the specific area you are buying or selling into.

Sydney conveyancing fees - how much should you expect to pay?

As mentioned above, although it is not legally required to hire the services of a conveyancer, it is highly advised. A reputable conveyancer will help safeguard you against legal and financial pitfalls during the property transaction process. Further, if you are purchasing a property under a mortgage, your lender may require you to conduct the necessary searches. They will also save you a lot of time from trying to conduct searches on your own.

Sydney conveyancers can help:

  • Negotiate aspects of the buying or selling process
  • Draw up your contract of sale (if selling)
  • Lodge your legal documentation
  • Lodge rates, tax and council certificates
  • Provide title searches for your property
  • Represent you during the settlement process
  • Assist with mortgage refinancing
  • Assist with insurance, wills and estates
  • Represent your legal interests

Conveyancer fees in Sydney (NSW)

How much does a conveyancer in Sydney (NSW) cost? The average total costs of a Sydney conveyancer may vary between $1200 to $2500 when buying a property, or between $1200 to $2500 when selling a property.

Note that these are approximations, and we advise you ask for a detailed quote from your Sydney conveyancer before taking them on.

Sydney conveyancing fee cost breakdown

On a $1600 conveyancing fee, you may expect approximately $1000 in professional fees and $600 in search fees

Professional fees

What is a professional fee? When it comes to conveyancing, professional fees are the various administrative and consultancy fees required to perform your conveyancing. Some of these fees can be used to cover a conveyancer’s overheads, stationary, time and professional advisory.

Search fees

What is a search fee? A ‘search’ helps your conveyancer verify a number of things, such as whether:

  • If the seller of the property is legally permitted to sell the property
  • If there are any restrictions on how the property can be used
  • If there are any encumbrances on the title
  • Such searches could include environmental searches, local authority searches, and drainage searches

Search pricing can also be dependent on the nature of the property, location and council it sits in.

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When should you obtain a conveyancer during the property buying/selling process?

When should you engage a Sydney conveyancer?

Ideally, you should begin discussions with a conveyancer before you make an offer or decide to sell your property. They should be able to help assess your contract, and advise whether it’s still advisable to pursue your deal.

Sydney conveyancers can be useful when:

  • Buying or selling real estate
  • Amending or updating a title
  • Land subdivisions
  • Making changes to an easement
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Sydney solicitors vs conveyancers - what’s the difference?

One common issue Sydney property buyers or sellers have is understanding the difference between solicitors and conveyancers. This can be understandable, as both solicitors and conveyancers can help with the legal side of your property transaction.

Generally, a conveyancer specialises solely in property law, whereas solicitors can also specialise in a number of other aspects of law. If you’re thinking about fees, conveyancers can typically be more affordable than engaging in a solicitor. So if you’re looking at a more straightforward transaction, you may want to consider a conveyancer. For more complicated deals, you may want to speak to a solicitor.

Example: if you’re buying a brand new off the plan property in Sydney, you may want to consult a conveyancer. On the other hand, if you’re going through a divorce settlement and need to divide your assets, you may want to speak to a solicitor. It’s important to discuss with your conveyancer/solicitor your particular situation to assess whether or not they can help.

Where can I find a trustworthy Sydney conveyancer near me?

Introducing Transactor

Relied upon by real estate professionals and everyday property buyers and sellers alike, Transactor lets you track your entire property journey live. Through its easy-to-use platform, you are also able to connect to all the required parties for their property purchase (such as buyers, sellers, agents, conveyancers, banks, mortgage brokers and insurers) and manage it all in an instant.

Transactor has also developed cutting edge technology that lets you automatically extract all the terms and conditions of a contract and convert it into scheduled timelines and to-do lists, making your whole buying process seamless.

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