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What is a conveyancer?

Buying or selling Darwin real estate? Sooner or later, you’re going to need conveyancing.

But what exactly is a conveyancer, and why do you need one? We’ve created this easy-to-digest guide that helps answer a number of popular questions about conveyancing, such as:

  • What is a conveyancer?
  • Why do you need a conveyancer?
  • How much does a conveyancer cost?
  • When do you need a conveyancer?
  • What’s the difference between a conveyancer and solicitor?
  • Where can I find a Darwin conveyancer near me?

Darwin conveyancing

Whether you’re buying or selling a property, there needs to be a formal process of legally transferring the ownership of one title holder to another. This process is called ‘conveyancing’, and it’s a conveyancer’s job to make sure this happens for you.

What does a good conveyancer do?

Conveyancers can:

  • Represent you during the settlement process
  • Help negotiate aspects of the buying or selling process
  • Liaise with the seller’s/buyer’s conveyancer regarding transaction arrangements
  • Lodge your legal documentation
  • Arrange stamp duty payments
  • Help arrange pest and building inspections
  • Lodge rates, tax and council certificates
  • Provide title searches for your property
  • Submit necessary paperwork to relevant agencies
  • Preparing and/or examining your contract of sale
  • Settle your property

Darwin conveyancing fees - what are they?

Conveyancer fees in Darwin

Darwin conveyancing pricing varies depending on a number of factors, such as:

  • The nature of the property
  • The council it sits in
  • Whether you are buying or selling
  • The nuances of the conveyancer

As a rough guide, conveyancing may start from $1000 in Darwin.

As a general guide, on a $1300 conveyancing fee, expect:

  • Approx $800 in professional fees
  • Approx $500 in search fees

What are conveyancer professional fees?

Various ‘professional’ fees are involved when hiring a conveyancer. These fees cover the numerous professional and administrative costs needed for your conveyancer to do their job well. This could include your conveyancer’s advisory, time, photocopying, overheads and more.

What are conveyancer search fees?

Why do conveyancers conduct ‘searches’?

Conveyancers conduct searches to confirm if the seller of the property has the legal right to sell the land.

Such searches could include:

  • Title searches
  • Land tax searches
  • Flood searches
  • Transport and main roads
  • Registered plan searches
  • Rates searches
  • Transport and main roads property searches, and more

Can I (or should I) do the conveyancing on my own?

As of now, it is not legally required to hire a conveyancer. However, it is recommended. Although there are affordable DIY kits in the market, the intricate nature of conveyancing may not be worth the risks of making an error. Mistakes in paperwork could result in substantial financial and legal consequences, such as the loss of your deposit.

Think of the costs involved with paying for a conveyancer as an investment into a successful transaction.

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Is there a difference between solicitors and conveyancers?

What are the differences between conveyancers and solicitors?

In summary, conveyancers tend to specialise in property law, whereas solicitors may provide services for a diverse range of legal matters.

If this is the case, when should I hire a conveyancer, and when should I hire a solicitor?

You may consider engaging in a solicitor for more multilayered transactions, such as when one would want to discover the tax and legal implications of dividing your assets after a divorce or dissolved business partnership. On the other hand, you may consider engaging conveyancers for simpler, more straightforward transactions - for example, if you plan on purchasing brand new real estate in Wulagi.

It is advisable to speak to a conveyancer or solicitor to discuss your specific needs. When researching, it will be worthwhile to speak a number of different conveyancers and/or solicitors to receive quotes and get a feel for their level of service.

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