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What is a conveyancer?

If you’re new to real estate, you may be wondering why you need a conveyancer, and what their role is in your property journey.

Well, worry no further. We’ve created a simple, easy-to-read guide to help you answer questions such as:

  • What is a conveyancer?
  • Why do you need a conveyancer?
  • How much does a conveyancer cost?
  • When do you need a conveyancer?
  • Conveyancers and solicitors - what’s the difference?
  • Where can I find a Canberra conveyancer near me?

The role of a conveyancer

In Canberra, conveyancers are professionals who work to make sure you meet your legal obligations in a property transaction.

Conveyancers perform tasks such as:

  • Negotiating aspects of the buying or selling process on your behalf
  • Submitting the necessary paperwork to relevant agencies
  • Providing title searches for your property
  • Lodging your legal documentation
  • Representing you during the settlement process
  • Drawing up your contract of sale (if selling)
  • Lodging rates, tax and council certificates
  • Liaising with the seller’s/buyer’s conveyancer regarding transaction arrangements

Although, at this point in time, it is not legally required to engage a conveyancer, it is highly advised. There are affordable DIY kits in the market, but due to the complicated nature of conveyancing, one error could result in substantial consequences, such as the loss of your ten percent deposit.

The best time to contact a conveyancer

It may be ideal to begin researching or contacting conveyancers soon after you consider:

  • Selling or purchasing real estate
  • Altering an easement
  • Amending or updating a title
  • Performing a land subdivision

Canberra conveyancing fees

How much does a good conveyancer in Canberra cost?

There are a number of factors that could determine the cost of your conveyancing. Such factors include:

  • The nature of the property
  • Whether you are buying or selling the property
  • The council the property sits in
  • The scope of the transaction

As a rough estimate, Canberra conveyancing fees could cost between $900 and $1500.

On a $1300 conveyancing fee, you may expect:

  • Approximately $500 in search fees
  • Approximately $800 in professional fees

What is a conveyancing ‘search’?

When researching conveyancers, you may have frequently read or heard the term ‘performing a search’.

A brief definition of a search would be the action taken by a conveyancer to confirm if the parties involved with the transaction have the legal right to buy or sell the property.

What types of conveyancing searches are there?

The types of searches required are dependent on the nature of the transaction. Types of searches could include land tax searches, title searches, registered plan searches, transport and main roads property searches and more.

What are professional fees?

Professional fees are determined by the various professional costs associated with the conveyancing. They could include your conveyancer’s time and advisory, stationary and printing costs, overheads, various administrative costs and more.

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The difference between conveyancers and solicitors

It can be understandable to confuse conveyancers to solicitors, as both can specialise in property law.

Generally, however, a conveyancer’s expertise will primarily be in property law, whereas solicitors may provide services for other aspects of law. As a result, one may prefer to choose a Canberra conveyancer for a more straightforward transaction, such as the purchase of a new property in Red Hill, or choose a solicitor for a more intricate matter, such as the division of assets during a divorce settlement.

This is just a general guide and we do recommend speaking with a conveyancer or solicitor about solutions to your particular situation.

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