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What is a conveyancer?

At some point in your property journey, you’re going to need conveyancing. Unfortunately, there are so many mixed messages about conveyancing online out there that instead of helping you, they may leave you even more confused.

Well, worry no further. This easy-to-read guide should help answer your questions such as:

  • What is a conveyancer?
  • Why do you need a conveyancer?
  • How much does a conveyancer cost?
  • When do you need a conveyancer?
  • Conveyancer vs solicitor - is there a difference?
  • Where can I find a good conveyancer in Cairns?

Cairns conveyancing

If you’re buying or selling a property in Cairns, the process of conveyancing is a crucial part of the process.

Essentially, a conveyancer makes your property transaction possible. They ensure that there will be no legal issues that could have an effect on your ownership, sale, purchase or use of your property, and will help lodge the necessary documentation to complete your transaction.

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Why do you need a conveyancer, and how much does it cost in Cairns?

It is actually not legally required to engage in a conveyancer. There are affordable DIY kits available in the market, but due to the complicated nature of conveyancing, consulting a professional is highly advised. An error in your lodging could lead to severe financial and legal consequences, such as the loss of your 10 percent deposit.

A Cairns conveyancer can:

  • Lodge your legal documentation
  • Lodge rates, tax and council certificates
  • Provide title searches for your property
  • Draw up your contract of sale (if selling)
  • Represent you during the settlement process
  • Represent your legal interests
  • Help negotiate aspects of the buying or selling process

Cairns conveyancer fees

Conveyancer fees can vary depending on the nature of the property, its location, the council it sits in as well as the professional fees of the conveyancer. Fees may also differ depending on whether you are buying or selling a property.

The average total costs of a conveyancer in Cairns may vary between $600 to $1300 when buying or selling a property. As mentioned above, this cost may vary, and we recommend you request for a transparent quote when speaking with your conveyancer.

Cost breakdown: Cairns conveyancers

Generally, with a $1300 conveyancing fee, expect:

  • Approx $800 in professional fees
  • Approx $500 in search fees

Professional fees - what are they?

Professional fees cover the various consultancy and administrative fees required to properly conduct the conveyancing. They also include the conveyancer’s time and expertise.

Search fees - what are they?

Essentially, a ‘search’ is the process of verifying if you have the legal right to perform a transaction on the property. Whether you’re buying or selling a property, your conveyancer needs to discover, or do a ‘search’, to verify that whoever is selling has the legal right to sell the property, and that you have met the necessary obligations required by law.

The conveyancer will also need to discover whether there are any encumbrances on the title, or if there are any restrictions on how the property can be used. Search pricing can also be dependent on the nature of the property, location and council it sits in.

When is the best time to involve a conveyancer?

Ideally, you should begin discussions with a conveyancer before you make an offer or decide to sell your property. They should be able to help assess your contract, and advise whether it’s still advisable to pursue your deal.

Cairns conveyancers can also be useful when:

  • Buying or selling real estate
  • Making changes to an easement
  • Amending or updating a title
  • Land subdivisions
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What’s the difference between a conveyancer and solicitor?

Generally, a conveyancer specialises solely in property law. Solicitors have the potential to specialise in several aspects of law. For example, one may consider involving a conveyancer to purchase a brand new off the plan property in North Cairns, whereas one may engage a solicitor when undergoing a divorce and requiring to distribute their assets, including property.

Naturally, there would be differing levels of service and this would be reflected in the fees. Generally, conveyancers can be less expensive than engaging in a solicitor.

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